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Rory Z has entirely re-written and re-formatted the HypnoBros comedy hypnosis course, and you now have the chance to sign up for the fantastic Stage & Street Hypnosis 101 training. This intensive training weekend is full of brand new content, and you’ll leave the course with a whole toolbox full of awesome rapid induction & stage hypnosis skills perfect for use in any situation, whether you’re wanting to be a professional stage hypnotist, a roving street hypnotist, or even just for a bit of fun, hypnotising your mates up the pub!

This is the ideal opportunity for you to gain  a whole weekend of hands-on practice. YOU will be hypnotising people, and when we say intensive, we mean intensive! Day 2 alone gives you the equivalent training that would normally take a FULL WEEKEND with other trainers… HypnoBros deliver the stage/street training in 1 DAY – so you’re getting 3 days worth of training, in just 2 days!

Rapid induction demo


Whether you know a little bit about hypnosis already or even if you know absolutely nothing about hypnosis – that’s fine, because students of all abilities are welcome. This weekend is tailored specifically to those people who are actually looking to entertain people with hypnosis!

  • If you just want to learn Rapid Inductions, then sign up for Day 1 [click here] because day 2 is solely focused on Hypnotic Entertainment!
  • If you are thinking about signing up to the course just to “experience hypnosis”, then you should go for Day 1 [click here] because day 2 ain’t gonna do it for you!
  • If you don’t actually want to do any kind of stage/street hypnosis…this course definitely ain’t for you! (and why are you even reading this?)
  • If, however, you DO actually want to be a confident comedy hypnotist… If you DO want to learn how to put on a show (on stage, on the street, or anywhere else)… If you DO want to learn how to have fun with hypnosis… Well, this DEFINITELY IS the course for you!

You should book a place on a HypnoBros training course because you will learn to quickly , confidently and easily hypnotise real people in any place at any time. There’s a huge difference between reading a hypnosis book / watching a hypnosis DVD and actually taking a hypnosis course to learn how to hypnotise. Although those other methods can work, this course is by far the best way to easily and quickly develop your hypnosis skills, because on this course you’ll actually be doing hypnosis with real people, just like Mike here:

Stage Hypnotist Training

Training with HypnoBros is a fun, easy-learning experience where you’ll benefit from our years of Hypnosis experience and our practical, hands-on style of training. This course is your first step towards becoming a brilliant hypnotist – whether to make a living or just for fun…

Another reason (if you need one) is that we’ve decided to knock £150 OFF the course price!!! Also, if you book with a friend or three, you can save up to 15% off the already RIDICULOUSLY REDUCED price! Now that’s an awesome deal!

For more information, dates and to book your place, visit www.Rory-Z.com:

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Don’t settle for inferior trainers. Sign up to train with HypnoBros – Train with the best!

Can’t make it / prefer a more bespoke solution?

Click Here to contact us directly for 1-to-1 Stage/Street training

If you are only interested in doing the “rapid induction” portion of this weekend, and not the stage/street hypnosis part, click here:

Rapid Induction Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy Training (London)

If you are more interested in helping people with hypnosis than using hypnosis for entertainment, then visit www.HypnoTC.com for details on how you can become a qualified hypnotherapist.

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Online Hypnotherapy Training

You can become a hypnotherapist ONLINE with Rory Z. Get instant access to the course TODAY!

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